For nearly 25 years Sue Hong has been Hampden’s ‘Noodle Queen.’  She has shown her love and respect to her loyal clientele by always giving them what they need rather than what they want.  And what they need is delicious, fresh and beautifully presented food. She does not rely on purveyors to bring her what they pull off their shelves, but rather she goes to the various farmer’s markets, stores or wholesalers to pick what she knows is the best quality products for her friends (also known as her loyal clientele). She has fed couples on a date who have later married and she now feeds their adult children.  Her philosophy for the restaurant is: you are coming to my personal dining room and I cannot give you bad food!  And with time to think during the pandemic, Suzie has realized that the best way for her to continue is to limit the number of seating’s each night.  This is why she is impressing on her clientele to always call her before coming in to be sure that she can provide them with the food and service that she insists on.