• Small Plates

    • Crispy Tuna


      Cilantro, red pepper, garlic & ginger coated with Japanese breadcrumbs & crispy batter

    • Edamame


      Japanese soy beans steamed in the pod with salt

    • Edamame Yaki Mandu


      Korean pan-fried vegetable dumplings

    • Kimchi Bindeh Duk


      Vegetarian patties made with ground mung beans & vegetables, pan-fried until golden

    • Morisoba


      Buckwheat noodles served cold with sweet soy dipping sauce, cucumber, ginger & wasabi

    • Scallops Robata


      Dry-packed marinated scallops pan-fried with citrus, garlic, soy & ginger

    • Shui Mai


      Steamed shrimp OR pork/wasabi dumplings

    • Steamed Chicken Dumplings


      Suzie’s homemade dumplings made with organic chicken

    • Tuna Tartare


      Spicy marinated frest tuna served in a halved avocado with lime wasabi dressing

    • Jumbo Lump Crab Dumplings


      Wasabi, scallions, citrus & Japanese mayo, pan-fried till crisp

    • Salads

    • Cold Cucumber


      Traditional style Japanese cucumber salad

    • Seaweed


      High-quality Japanese seaweed salad with sesame seeds

    • Spicy Napa


      Napa cabbage with Suzie’s homemade sweet/spicy dressing

    • Spinach & Marinated Tofu


      Fresh spinach tossed with Suzie’s citrus-grape seed oil vinaigrette

    • Soups

    • Banh Pho


      Rice noodles in beef broth with ginger, lime juice, hot pepper, cilantro, organic bean sprouts, carrots & beef

    • Mool Mandu


      Homemade Korean organic chicken dumplings, scallions & rice noodles in a vegetable broth

    • Spinach Miso


      With buckwheat noodles in a light miso broth

    • Yook Geh Jahng


      Lean beef, Napa cabbage, scallions & potato noodles in a spicy broth

    • Donburi

      A traditional Japanese dish made with egg, shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, sweet red pepper & carrots in a light soy broth served with rice

    • Organic Chicken OR Vegetable

    • Shrimp

    • Tuna

    • Noodles

    • Chap Cheh


      Traditional Korean dish of vermicelli potato noodles with vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce & scallions

    • Oriental Chicken Soba


      Spicy udon noodles sautéed with organic chicken, scallions, broccoli, carrots & snow peas

    • Pad Thai


      Suzie’s version of the southeast Asian classic–rice noodles sautéed with tamarind, lime juice, cilantro, carrots, scallions bean sprouts & peanuts with your choice of:

      Tofu, chicken OR veggies $15.00

      Shrimp $20.00

      Scallops OR fresh tuna $25.00

    • Pan-fried Soba with Pork Tenderloin


      pork loin sautéed in grape seed oil with shallots, Napa cabbage & spring vegetables with buckwheat noodles

    • Shabu Shabu Beef


      Rice noodles, Napa cabbage & tender sliced beef in light beef broth with scallions

    • Spicy Seafood Noodles


      Shrimp & mussels sautéed with rice noodles, spinach, Korean red pepper & cilantro

    • Spinach & Shiitake


      Sautéed garlic, basil pesto & buckwheat noodles

    • Tuna Sashimi Somen


      Fresh tuna sashimi, cucumber & pickled ginger over cold somen noodles with a spicy miso sauce

    • Suzie's Specials

    • Bibim Bahp


      Sautéed vegetables, greens, cucumber & fried egg served over rice with Suzie’s homemade spicy Korean go chu chang sauce. Choose: chicken, beef or seasoned tofu for topping

    • Bool Goh Ghee


      Thin-sliced ribeye steak marinated with soy, sugar, garlic, sesame oil & ginger, seared in a hot pan & served over greens with rice

    • Char-grilled Citrus Salmon


      Fresh salmon in citrus marinade, grilled & served with rice & sautéed spinach

    • Eggplant Sautéed


      Japanese eggplant marinated in garlic, soy, sesame oil, basil & balsamic vinegar, sautéed with vegetables, served with rice

    • Ginger Chicken Teriyaki


      Organic chicken breast sautéed in homemade teriyake sauce served with rice & vegetables

    • Ginger Teriyake Salmon


      Fresh salmon gently cooked in ginger teriyake sauce, served with rice & seaweed salad

    • Grilled Spicy Tuna


      Sushi-grade tuna steak marinated in homemade go chu chang sauce with ginger, basil & sesame oil, grilled to order & served over rice noodles

    • Pa Jun


      A large, savory flat cake with mussels, shrimp, scallops & scallions in a light wheat batter, pan-fried & served with a tangy dipping sauce

    • Seafood Hot Pot


      Shrimp, scallops, mussels, cod, tofu & Napa cabbage in a spicy broth served with rice

    • Spicy Chicken Ishiyake


      Organic chicken marinated in spicy Korean go chu chang sauce, ginger, garlic, soy and sesame oil served with rice & lettuce for wrapping

    • Spicy White Fish


      Atlantic cod sautéed with garlic, ginger, basil, chili peppers, scallions, cilantro & lime, served over rice noodles & house grown organic bean sprouts